Does the fragrance that you use suits the type of your skin?

The fragrance that you use might smell different on you and your friends or family. The fragrance that is applied to the skin differs because the way it is blended on the different types of skin varies. Everybody has their own signature scent which helps in diffusing the scent that is applied to the skin. There are many reasons which make the fragrance different from different individuals. A person should not try to copy a particular scent which one of his/her friends is using rather should look for a fragrance which will go well with their skin type.

Why is it so that a scent used by one of your friends fascinates you but when the same is tried by you does not give you the same results?Sometimes it can be ignored by using the best perfumes

Many times it happens that a friend of yours wears a nice fragrance which is very fascinating and attractive for you and you finally decided to go for the same fragrance in order to smell as lovely as your friend does but the same does not work out for you. The scent that your friend has been using blends well with his/her skin type and the scent sings super well, you will be able to notice that the raw materials present in the perfume oils come out very nicely and is very pleasant for the smell organ but the same scent when you choose to wear is just sweet but is not as nice as it was earlier when one of your friends was wearing the same.

The difference in the type of skin.

The main reason behind the difference in the fragrance is your skin type. The skin is generally of two types oily and dry. In the case of dry skin the perfume of the fragrance that is used, the stronger is the fragrance, the better it is blended by the skin and the final scent that comes out is more pleasant. In the same way, in the case of oily skin the fragrance that is applied to the skin when blends with the skin type become sweeter. The fragrance that goes well with the dry skin is something that is very dramatic and oriental, something the fragrance of which is very strong. The fragrance that goes well with oily skin should be something which is much of floral, should be very delicate, something which smells like earthly flowers, preferably the fragrance should be mild and light.

Some of the reasons due to which the fragrance differs other than the skin type.

Other than the difference in your skin type there are many other reasons due to which the same fragrance applied to two different individuals differs. The fragrance that is applied to different individuals differs because of the different daily habits which are not the same for all the different individuals. The difference in daily habits like regular smoking, drinking, regular consumption of tea or coffee. The natural signature scent of aroma that is present there in every individual also differs due to the hormonal changes in their body and due to the regular medication that somebody is going through. The intake of different medicines also results in hormonal changes in the body. If somebody is on a diet then also there are chances that the fragrance applied is different because during a diet the intake of food is very different as compared to the normal days and generally a person on a diet consumes a lesser amount of food of what he generally consumes.

How to find a perfect scent for yourself?

It is always suggested that a person should themselves go when it comes to buying a fragrance for oneself, gifting fragrance is something which should not be entertained as anybody other than you will be able to select the right type of fragrance that will go well with your natural aroma. The manufacturers of the perfume can only suggest a particular fragrance that according to the manufacturer should go well on your skin but the final decision lies on you. A scent should be something that pleases the presence of an individual and does not mask the natural aroma or the signature scent of an individual, a good fragrance should be something which adds a spark to your attire without which one’s dressing up is not complete.

While deciding a fragrance one must know whether that particular fragrance is going well with your personality and pocket. The bacteria on your skin, the heat of your body, the chemistry of the body of an individual and the oils present in one’s skin also plays a very important role in blending the scent that is applied on an individual’s skin. The fragrance of the perfume is triggered and comes out as a more enhanced scent when it is sprayed on the skin. Never buy a perfume that smells good in the bottle or on somebody else and try to spray some on your wrist before finally buying the fragrance. The perfume that lasts for a relatively long period is usually expensive.

The amount of perfume oil that is present in the perfume is what defines the stay of the perfume, its basic ingredients, and recipe says, it’s too higher the composition of the perfume oil in the best smelling creed cologne the longer it stays and the other way round. One should also stop buying perfumes online as you would never know the actual stay of the perfume and how well it will be able to blend with the oils present in your skin. Perfume should always be sprayed on the skin which enables it to stay longer and if the perfume is applied to the fabric then there are chances that the fabric is damaged as it is harmful to the clothes or the fragrance evaporated very quickly and the fragrance derived from the clothes are also very different. It is better to spray the perfume on your wrists before buying them, and if you want to test two or more than two fragrances then you can use your inner elbows to try the fragrances before buying.


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